I have to get back to Jason, he was getting me an Ibilio account today. I'll clean it up.


Ben Walding wrote:
One side effect of changing groupIds around after they have been mirrored is that ibiblio's maven repo now has jaxme stuff slotted into both /jaxme and /apache-jaxme. Once someone has decided which way it should be, we'll need to remove the old cruft. Mark, I leave this chore in your hands!



robert burrell donkin wrote:

i have a jelly tag library that uses jaxme (the apache JAXB implementation currently under incubation) that i'd like to commit into jakarta-commons. AIUI the right way to make ASF jars available for use in mavenized builds is to upload them into the apache repository.

is this correct and is there any documentation about the right way to do this?

- robert

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