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(here's a potted summary, hopefully other people will jump in and correct any mistakes i make)

maven is a declarative project management tool (from apache) which is used by a number of jakarta products (amongst others). for products built with maven, correctly named jars must be made available from a repository so that maven can download them (as needed). products created by the ASF should be released via the java repository which is being created by the repository work group. things are just getting going so there are a few teething problems with this new process.

i have some jelly tag libraries for JaxMe but jelly is mavenized and so before i can commit them, the last jaxme release needed uploading to the new repository. (once i have these new jelly tag libraries, i can push forward and create a maven plugging which will allow mavenized builds to use jaxme.) unfortunately, we managed to get our wires crossed a little and some aspects of the process still need to be developed for incubating projects.

we're just trying to sort the mess out. feel free to join in :)

- robert

On 12 Mar 2004, at 07:36, Jochen Wiedmann wrote:

Sorry for asking newbie questions, but as I should most probably take some responsibility on this issue: Could someone be so kind as to explain me what the question is and what decisions have to be taken?



Zitat von "Noel J. Bergman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

I would expect JaxMe to be released by the WS PMC. You should raise any
issue with them.

        --- Noel

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Is there just an issue with where its going to be located then? (I.E. site, cvs/svn location and distribution directories)? I'm very unfamiliar with the Incubator and its policies so excuse my naivety. Once a project has graduated via Vote, is there a process for its "migration"? I think this was possibly Roberts point.


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