> sander's post early on this thread (quite reasonably) suggested that
> it'd be a good idea for the repository team to think about how to
> handle incubating projects in general (before any more come along). i
> think that sounds like a very reasonable plan.

Agreed.  And it would be helpful if the Repository team was aware, as the
rest of infrastructure is, that releases must be voted on by a PMC.  If
there is a request for publication, it should be cc'd to the PMC and made
sure that the PMC doesn't raise a flag.  That's the same as we do when
creating new accounts, lists, etc.

One factor, unique to the Incubator, is that we have a concept known as a
PPMC, which consists of the PMC and others.  For a release, we should make
sure that the both the PPMC and PMC mailing lists are cc'd.

> it also seems to me (at least) that it's really the incubator pmc who
> are the right people to ask about the management of releases created
> whilst under incubation (including any special measures that might be
> required for jars released whilst in incubation).

Absolutely.  However, in this specific case, JaxMe has been voted to the WS
PMC, who will be responsible for it.

        --- Noel

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