Noel J. Bergman wrote:

sander's post early on this thread (quite reasonably) suggested that
it'd be a good idea for the repository team to think about how to
handle incubating projects in general (before any more come along). i
think that sounds like a very reasonable plan.

Agreed.  And it would be helpful if the Repository team was aware, as the
rest of infrastructure is, that releases must be voted on by a PMC.  If
there is a request for publication, it should be cc'd to the PMC and made
sure that the PMC doesn't raise a flag.  That's the same as we do when
creating new accounts, lists, etc.

Yes, I probably have been a little ambitious in placing content in the repository. I will yield 100% to whatever policies we invoke concerning publishing of jar's in accordance with the PMC's.

1.) I think we should really have an effort now set though the next level of cleanup --> moving the build-versions that are in the repository off into

2.) It's next to impossible to enforce a directory structure/naming policy with the contents of the directories writable (let alone the fact that its an actual directory structure). Even those intimate with the project and effort end up doing things they consider minor which in turn effect the entire community adversely.

One factor, unique to the Incubator, is that we have a concept known as a
PPMC, which consists of the PMC and others.  For a release, we should make
sure that the both the PPMC and PMC mailing lists are cc'd.

Yes, once a system is established. I think this should be a process which the Release Manager for a project and their PMC complete. We should eventually setup a policy whereby no one from the Repository group actually "Publishes Releases" and instead plays a more "advisory" and "maintenance" role in terms of the repository.

it also seems to me (at least) that it's really the incubator pmc who
are the right people to ask about the management of releases created
whilst under incubation (including any special measures that might be
required for jars released whilst in incubation).

Absolutely.  However, in this specific case, JaxMe has been voted to the WS
PMC, who will be responsible for it.

--- Noel

I've contacted the WS group more formally to discuss this on the mailing list.


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