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2.) It's next to impossible to enforce a directory structure/naming policy with the contents of the directories writable (let alone the fact that its an actual directory structure). Even those intimate with the project and effort end up doing things they consider minor which in turn effect the entire community adversely.

it wouldn't be unreasonable to request that infrastructure create a group for the repository administrators.

mark - what's the current status?

(i'd like to be able to use these jars in a jelly tag library.)

i'm a bit confused because the jar's were simply unpacked from the tar-balled 0.2 incubation release. there has been a vote in the ws pmc but i'm also more than a little unclear as to why a separate release vote is necessary for adding jars which have already been released into the repository. is this also the case for new releases? (for example, would separate pmc votes be required to release the jaxme 0.3 distributions and to add the jar within them to the repository?)

BTW i do appreciate you work in getting the repository up and running. these kinds of roles are difficult and energy sapping but are important to the ASF.

- robert

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