On Wednesday 04 May 2005 20:06, Mark Diggory wrote:
> Thats a little pretentious, so Eclipse should support Maven, but not the
> other way around? This is not about "every" Apache project having to
> release Eclipse plugin format, just those that want to. Its trivial for
> a project to organize an artifact directory for Eclipse
> plugins/features. And doing so promotes more interoperability between
> the two.

My assertion is mostly based on the fact that almost 600 top level group names 
exist on http://www.ibiblio.org/maven, and go around asking the same question 
to a larger group of those seems to me to be very ineffective, especially 
since the benefit isn't obvious to those who have to do the work.

If Maven can generate it without any additional effort, then you have solved 
it for a chunk of those projects, that's great. I still maintain as a general 
rule that those who benefit, should also carry the majority of the burden, in 
this case Eclipse users/developers.


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