On 5/4/05, Niclas Hedhman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 May 2005 19:34, Steve Loughran wrote:
> > maven repositories are fun because every JAR is on a URL; you can pass
> > them to a URL classloader as is if you want. The .pom also declares
> > dependencies for transitive work; a bit like debian apt-get.
> I have missed this progress. Can you point me to the implementation of this?

nothing in ant yet; maybe maven2. But the idea of a java version of
apt-get with less 'one version per system' is a vision that should
drive us all.


> > -a gui client that could work with the existing Apache repositories
> > -a client build on AWT for broadest cross platform execution.
> > -some way of pushing out packages to multiple systems in a cluster
> > -support per/user, per-system packages
> > -good auditing to determine package set (with JMX integration)
> >
> > That is, a Java successor to all the rpm management tools.
> Do you have any pointer to more elaborate ideas in this area??

not yet. Like I said, I was at a configuration workshop last week. It
was mostly about XML representations of configuration/state, but we
drifted into the Open Source area a few times

-Carwen covered JPackage and Config4Gnu
 jpackage is interesting, even though I'm personally unhappy with it.
Its strength is it tries to  integrate java package redist with the
rpm framework. Its weaknesses are

1. the core project teams dont think about it, need to be coerced into
patching scripts and other things to work with jpackage

2. RPM is very superuser-centric. I shouldnt have to be su to install
stuff on my account.

3. RPM is only good on redhat/suse/mandrake, and is somewhat brittle
there. Partly that's to do with binaries, but also to do with
locations of things.

For the curious, I was talking about Smartfrog, and demoed a live
download and run of Axis tcpmon from the m2 repository. The biggest
issue i have there is signatures; we cant sign the JARs without side
effects; I can put the SHA1 or MD5 checksums in the deployment
descriptor, but that makes it too brittle to change.

> > Incidentally, one pressing problem with the maven repositories is
> > there is no easy way to fetch Sun stuff. That is, if I want to use
> > Axis with mail.jar and activation,jar, you cant get those from the
> > Apache site for legal reasons. Do you propose any solution to the
> > clickthrough licensing problem?
> Milos, didn't Netbeans itself devise some funky system for the
> non-distributables and click-thru license approvals??

It publishes stuff encrypted; you need to click through or have a
secret decryption key for automated builds. I am getting very close to
mounting a maven2 repository of sun stuff at work, just to avoid their
clickthrough junk.

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