Chris McDonough wrote:
> The repoze.bfg trunk (what will eventually be released as version 0.8) has 
> shed 
> all dependencies on packages that require compilation of C code. 

Cool. :-)

> I'd be  grateful if folks could try this out on their favorite 
> platform-without-the-capability-of-compiling-C-code (Windows, GAE, Jython, 
> PyPy, 
> etc) and report back any interesting findings.

I think there'd be enormous value in a "Getting started on GAE" tutorial 

For that I'd like to see:

  - a skeleton code project
  - an understanding of how to use the GAE model storage in a BFG 
  - some kind of basic CRUD forms for such

BFG feels like a good match for GAE, especially for people with a 
Zopeish inclination. I did a GAE project recently and used Google's own 
webapp framework, which was OK, but rather bare. I looked into using 
Pylons, but it seemed to require some rather shaky patches to the GAE 
environment. So probably, this could be an interesting niche for BFG.


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