Thomas G. Willis wrote:
> OK, not sure if this is a blasphemous question or not. I've been slowly 
> working through "Web Component Development with Zope 3" , and instead of 
> trying out the things in zopeproject, I figured that trying out the 
> things in bfg as well may yield a greater understanding of what the heck 
> is going on. I realize that this may be incredibly dumb, so I'm not 
> surprised that I'm hitting roadblocks once in a while.

Bear in mind that whilst repoze.bfg uses a number of Zope packages, it 
is not built on top of Zope 3 (in the same way that, say, Grok is). BFG 
contains forks/re-implementations of some Zope things, omits a large 
number of package traditionally part of a Zope 3 bundle (this is a good 
thing!), and solves certain things differently (e.g. the way views are 
done in bfg is different from the way they are done in Zope).

For this reason, Philipp's book will probably not apply in many cases if 
you're using BFG, and I don't think there's any documentation or good 
guides to *which* parts will apply and which parts won't (i.e. a "bfg 
delta zope" document).

That said, I can't see it being impossible to use zope.schema + a forms 
library in repoze.bfg. Not that I've tried. ;)

> After reading up on zope.schema and zope.formlib, it seems that schema 
> based forms, fit my brain, and I would like to use them in bfg if 
> possible rather than tw.forms etc...

This won't help with your specific question, but most people seem to be 
ditching zope.formlib in favour of z3c.form, which is more feature 
complete, better documented and better maintained. The basic principles 
are still the same: you build a schema and then create a form from that 
schema. has the documentation.

To use it, you need to depend on it in your own package's so 
that it gets installed, and include its configuration via <include 
package="z3c.form" /> in your configure.zcml. To use the default widgets 
(which you probably want) you also need to mark the request with the 
IFormLayer marker interface. I'm not sure what facility repoze.bfg has 
for that, though.


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