I was looking at this the other day with the intention of adding to it - great 
job! I would add information about the request-sponsor table between your 
current steps 2 and 3. Others on this list are better able than I am to add to 
that information. I'm sorry for the long response here, but this list is the 
group who should comment on these comments:

I believe the bottom line is that if you find your CR# anywhere on the request 
sponsor page, then it's taken and you should find another one or perhaps try to 
join with those who are already working on it, but do not jump in and develop 
your own solution and then write to this list. Is that correct, sponsors?

The page has five categories:

Awaiting Sponsor - Someone has already written to this list asking for a 
sponsor. Even if no sponsor is assigned, a community member is already working 
on this.

Sponsor Assigned/In Progress

Fix Integrated into a Nevada Build

Accounted for By Means Other Than Putback - This is described at the bottom of 
the table as, "Fix no longer required; reason noted in Build column." The Build 
column is at the far right; make sure you adjust your view so that you can see 

Request Suspended - This is described at the bottom of the table as, "Request 
suspended; reason noted in Sponsor column." Second-to-far-right column.

2. Find a bug
2.1 Is the bug anywhere in the request-sponsor table? If no, continue. If yes, 
go back to 2.

File a bug is a bit different and perhaps the discussion should be separated 
from the find a bug step. Before you file a bug you should check appropriate 
communities, projects, forums to determine whether this is already being 
discussed or worked on or whether the community thinks this doesn't need to be 
done for some reason.

It might be worth noting for your readers that even tiny fixes can take weeks 
be integrated because they are low priority for a sponsor to spend time on.

You might also want to add a link to

I'm not sure about this - it's quite old:

Paul Armstrong wrote:
> Could I please have a sponsor to do a technical review of
> http://www.genunix.org/wiki/index.php/Developer_HOWTO
> For reference, the thread that started this document is at
> http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?messageID=215308
> Thanks,
> Paul
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