Hi Joerg,
         Sorry for the lack of response but a number of us are heads 
down dealing with other issues that come up typically with an impeding 


Joerg Schilling wrote:
> Hi,   
> I am still waiting for a sponsor for integrating star.   
> Star is an archiving library that implements CLIs for   
> various archiver programs and that implements various   
> archive formats.   
> It comes together with a higly performant secure /etc/rmt    
> implementation that is compatible with all rmt clients.   
> It also comes with a program called "tartest" that was used   
> to make Sun tar PSOX compliant.   
> For more information, see the archive of this mailing list.   
> P.S. is this a dead mailing list or why is there no reply?
> J?rg

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