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> Joerg Schilling wrote:
> > Hi,    
> >     
> > I am still waiting for a sponsor for integrating star.    
> > Star is an archiving library that implements CLIs for    
> > various archiver programs and that implements various    
> > archive formats.    
> Are you wanting to integrate this into the ON consolidation or to SFW ? 

For a complete implementation of 2004/480, we would need to have it in ON 
in case that ON should be self contained. Note that for a complete 
implementation, ufsdump/ufsrestore need to link against librmt.

I propose do do it in three steps:

1)      SFW integration

2)      ON integration

3)      upgrading the ufsdump/ufsrestore source to allow linking against 

>   If you are targeting SFW (and I strongly suggest you do) then you may 
> have better success getting help by posting a webrev of the changes to 
> SFW to the sfw-discuss at opensolaris.org alias.

I see a problem with SFW: I could not find any documentation on the makefile
system in use with SFW. I would at least know the target names ans the expected
results in order to write a wrapper Makefile that calls the schily makefile 
system for the real compilation.

BTW: there is a similar problem with ON. While it would be possible to search
for similar makefiles that could be modified, I know of no documentation of the
ON makefile system and I could not yet find the place ans system where/how the 
ON build system calls rpcgen as this would be the right place to hook the 
dynamic autoconfiguration part of the portability system that is used by star.

> I'm afraid I'm not personally skilled enough in SFW to act as your 
> sponsor.  Though I've prototyped the changes necessary for star in the 
> past to integrate into SFW and you can find those in the sfw-discuss 
> archives.

I've seen your other mail and I could check this if I manage to find how to 
download a template makefile tree for SFW. Thank you for your code....

Star-1.5 however is no longer apropriate as there have been some bug fixes
since then and I did not have the time to create a new star specific tarball - 
there currently only exists the schily source consolidation snapshots from

> If you are targeting ON then this is the appropriate alias to use, but 
> someone else will need to help you as I'm quite opposed to integrating 
> cross platform stuff into ON if it doesn't have to share private 
> interfaces with some thing else in ON - it just hurts the portability 
> and maintenance of that thing.  Note I speak from (bitter) experience 
> here with Kerberos, SSH, OpenSSL and others being in ON.

Star shares the cross platform stuff with many other tools. I am talking about
~ 8 MB (~ 330000 lines) of pure source code.

> If you do still want to target ON (or in fact SFW) you may have better 
> luck finding a sponsor if you post a webrev of the proposed changes.

See above, I believe that the best way to go is to do it in several steps.


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