Joerg Schilling wrote:
> Hi,    
> I am still waiting for a sponsor for integrating star.    
> Star is an archiving library that implements CLIs for    
> various archiver programs and that implements various    
> archive formats.    

Are you wanting to integrate this into the ON consolidation or to SFW ? 
  If you are targeting SFW (and I strongly suggest you do) then you may 
have better success getting help by posting a webrev of the changes to 
SFW to the sfw-discuss at alias.

I'm afraid I'm not personally skilled enough in SFW to act as your 
sponsor.  Though I've prototyped the changes necessary for star in the 
past to integrate into SFW and you can find those in the sfw-discuss 

If you are targeting ON then this is the appropriate alias to use, but 
someone else will need to help you as I'm quite opposed to integrating 
cross platform stuff into ON if it doesn't have to share private 
interfaces with some thing else in ON - it just hurts the portability 
and maintenance of that thing.  Note I speak from (bitter) experience 
here with Kerberos, SSH, OpenSSL and others being in ON.

If you do still want to target ON (or in fact SFW) you may have better 
luck finding a sponsor if you post a webrev of the proposed changes.

Good luck in finding your integration sponsor.

Darren J Moffat

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