This is an old bug report, but it sounds like it might be the cause:

Centos is sort of a redhat derivative, right?  anyway, assuming you are
using JDK 5, you could try either a) upgrading to JDK 6 or b) disable

" A workaround for RedHat-type users is to disable IPv6, by editing
/etc/sysconfig/network and changing NETWORKING_IPV6=no."

anyway, I have no idea if this is the actual issue.  I just did a quick
google search for " Cannot assign requested
address" and came across this.  It actually says it only happens when
binding to the local address, but maybe that's what the watchdog process
is doing??


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I have been trying to install and run resin on a Centos 5 system.  I run

it fine on Windows.  Everything installs fine on Centos, but when I try 
to run the resin.jar file with all of the default configuration, I get 
the following error:

Aug 24, 2007 11:26:39 AM com.caucho.boot.ResinWatchdog run
INFO: Cannot assign requested address Cannot assign requested address
        at Method)

The server is behind a firewall with an ip address of, but I

have an entry in the hosts file with the machine name and the ip 
address.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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