I am not sure exactly why it stopped working, but I have noticed that
sometimes Resin, over time, becomes more and more spec-compliant.  this
often means things that "worked" in the past, even though they were
against the spec, stop working.


check your .tld file to make sure that the "moduleName" parameter is set
to rtexpr="true".


also, you use EL to get the request parameter instead of scriptlets,
like this:


<mytaglib:loadFav moduleName="${param.moduleName}"/>


(no need for the request.getParameter(...))





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To: General Discussion for the Resin application server
Subject: [Resin-interest] Unable to pass request parameter to custom
taglibwith Resin 3.1.3


I'm having trouble trying to pass a request parameter to a custom taglib
by setting an attribute.


The jsp looks like this:



String moduleName =request.getParameter("moduleName");



<mytaglib:loadFav moduleName="<%=moduleName%>"/>


In the loadFav class, 


public void setModuleName(String moduleName) {
        this.moduleName = moduleName;       



 public int doStartTag() throws JspException {
        AppsLogger.debug("Entered LoadDefaultFavSearchTag.doStartTag():


The getModuleName method is returning the literal string
"<%=moduleName%>" (minus quotes).


The moduleName parameter was being passed along fine when I was using
Resin 2.1.10. However I'm seeing this behaviour

in both Resin 3.1.2 and Resin 3.1.3. Is this a bug or am I doing
something wrong?








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