You could probably implement your own authenticator, possibly just
subclassing the JdbcAuthenticator (see below), then use that
authenticator in resin-web.xml.
I myself wrote a "patch" for a Tomcat only webapp, that contains this
plus dummy implementations of Tomcat classes/interfaces like
org.apache.catalina.Container, Engine, Host, Realm, Server.

Maybe this code suites your needs too:

public class MyJdbcAuthenticator extends JdbcAuthenticator {
  public MyJdbcAuthenticator() {

  public String getPasswordDigest(HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response, ServletContext app, String user, String
password) throws ServletException {
    return super.getPasswordDigest(request, response, app, null, password);

  public String getPasswordDigest(String password) throws ServletException {
    return super.getPasswordDigest(null, null, null, null, password);


Daniel Lopez wrote:
> Hi all,
> Long story short: I started consulting in a company that is developing  
> a product using Tomcat. They want to be able to run the application in  
> different containers to make sure they are spec compliant and all, so  
> I suggested Resin as an alternative.
> I've been able to configure the datasources, massage the web.xml to be  
> more compliant etc. but now I came across a problem I'm not sure how  
> easy it is to solve: the authenticator.
> Both containers have an implementation of a typical jdbc  
> authenticator... but for a tiny detail: Resin uses  
> username+realm+password for the digest and Tomcat uses just the  
> password, hence the digests do not match and all password are  
> considered wrong in one of the containers.
>   The passwords in use are already stored like that and changing them  
> would not really solve the problem but move it to the Tomcat side.
> I don't use container based authentication in my own applications for  
> this very reason, but they are using it and I thought that might not  
> be an uncommon problem so... is there any way to configure  
> to use just the password  
> for the digests?
> Cheers!
> D.

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