Thanks Mattias,

I had thought about the subclassing option, but I had to try to see if 
there was some configuration option I had missed :). In any case, that 
will work fine, I believe. I'll be out of town for a week but when I go 
back I'll give it a go and let you know how it worked.

Thanks again,

Mattias Jiderhamn escribió:
> You could probably implement your own authenticator, possibly just
> subclassing the JdbcAuthenticator (see below), then use that
> authenticator in resin-web.xml.
> I myself wrote a "patch" for a Tomcat only webapp, that contains this
> plus dummy implementations of Tomcat classes/interfaces like
> org.apache.catalina.Container, Engine, Host, Realm, Server.
> Maybe this code suites your needs too:
> public class MyJdbcAuthenticator extends JdbcAuthenticator {
>   public MyJdbcAuthenticator() {
>     super.setPasswordDigestRealm(null);
>   }
>   public String getPasswordDigest(HttpServletRequest request,
> HttpServletResponse response, ServletContext app, String user, String
> password) throws ServletException {
>     return super.getPasswordDigest(request, response, app, null, password);
>   }
>   public String getPasswordDigest(String password) throws ServletException {
>     return super.getPasswordDigest(null, null, null, null, password);
>   }
> }
>  /Mattias

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