I've been a Resin advocate for several years now. When I first did a 
performance comparison between Resin 2 and Tomcat, Resin's performance 
simply blew me away. Like many other people on this list, I imagine I 
switched entirely to recommending resin as the application server for 
all the projects I've worked on. They were all small startups so it 
didn't count towards hundreds of licenses, but still.

Now, at another startup that I'm working with - with a licensed version 
of Resin Pro for our one app server -I'm being asked to justify the use 
of Resin over Tomcat, specially as look to grow and add additional 
servers. We use Resin only as a servlet container, so its EJB and PHP 
capabilities are not a justification. Googling around leads me to 
believe that Tomcat has gotten a lot faster recently, with NIO support 
in 6.0.x, and that the performance gap may have narrowed of late.

So I seek the collective wisdom of the list: what are some of the 
compelling reasons that led you to choose Resin Pro over other 
application servers, and Tomcat in particular? Is anyone aware of recent 
benchmarks that compare resin and tomcat?

To close, I should say that I personally love resin - its elegance, 
configuration simplicity and developer-friendliness. It's just that I'm 
trying to find a reason to convince management why we should use it over 
the "free" application server.

Many thanks,

- Hari

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