Considering that Resin now has a watchdog process that monitors the  
servers, is it possible to simply have the watchdog monitor and start  
multiple resin servers?

Here's what I'm thinking why this is good.

1) One startup script to startup resin.  No need to create multiple  
startup scripts that each runs a separate resin instance.

2) One resin watchdog process.

3) One resin configuration file (which already contains all the  
configurations anyways).  I can create multiple resin cluster  
segments that launches hosts all the same apps and services within  
each cluster.  I can also have multiple hosts specified that launches  
only the services/apps specific to that host.

I'm not sure if this is possible at the moment or not.  But it'd be  
great.  Resin's watchdog can actually look at different clustered  
hosts, check if each the host it's running on matches a host inside  
each cluster, and then launch a separate resin server for each cluster.

This way, it's like running one MySQL service manager that can start  
up multiple instances of mysql server (different versions, different  
databases, etc).  MySQL also only uses one config file for all the  


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