> On Oct 17, 2007, at 6:25 AM, Jan Kriesten wrote:
>> a recent comparison between resin 3.0.9 and tomcat 5.5.3 can be  
>> found here:
>> on this comparison maybe scott could comment?
> It's not a useful benchmark.  It measures startup time and JSP  
> compilation time, not runtime.  I'm actually embarrassed for the  
> industry that Java people link to it as if it were a real  
> benchmark.   (That's not to say startup time isn't important,  
> especially during development, but it's not a performance comparison.)

Exactly my thought. I don't see any information about the number of
concurrent threads, so unless this is implicit by some means out of my
knowledge, this measures only a single request. Doesn't say much about
how an appserver performs in a live environment. Most comparisons I've
seen (years ago now) showed that which server performed best depends
quite a bit on how much load (concurrent requests) it is under.

Also, if you want to compare maximum performance you'd want to use
Resins JNI features and make use of Resins fast JSTL.

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