hi hari,

i have been using resin since early version 2 and haven't regret it.

there are some cases which i'd say are compelling reasons to use it over tomcat,
where you already brought up some yourself:

> To close, I should say that I personally love resin - its elegance,
> configuration simplicity and developer-friendliness.

another compelling reason i see in your requirement

> specially as look to grow and add additional
> servers

resin has an easy neat way to load-balance and easy session replication between
it's instances.

some things about resin aren't that good, of course, and should be addressed.
for one the documentation - which never really was up-to-date nor showed more
than a glimpse of resin's capabilities (example config-cases would be nice).

also, there always have been problems resin being non-standard-compliant in some

a recent comparison between resin 3.0.9 and tomcat 5.5.3 can be found here:

on this comparison maybe scott could comment?

regards, --- jan.

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