Michael Ludwig schrieb am 13.05.2009 um 20:22:19 (+0200):
> Emil Ong schrieb:
> > On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 12:24:19PM +0200, Michael Ludwig wrote:


While we're at it, the startup/shutdown issue persists. So you might
want to add the following to the bug entry you've created, or file a
new bug:

> >> I'm still seeing the same error message pop up on shutdown via the
> >> Eclipse server shutdown button: "failed to start" (sic).
> This is still there. Might be related to the other issue I wrote
> concerning the progress indicator in the bottom right corner of the
> IDE which keeps showing the job "Starting Resin 4.0 at localhost" in
> progress. Looks like that message got held up somewhere on its way to
> the list, so here's a copy of it:
> | Another issue: The process of starting Resin keeps sitting around in
> | the background while Resin is already serving requests. This is
> | indicated in the Eclipse IDE by a symbol in the bottom right corner
> | indicating ongoing background jobs.
> |
> | After some minutes, the following error message pops up:
> |
> |    Server Resin 4.0 at localhost was unable to start withing 240
> |    seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the
> |    timeout in the server editor.
> |
> | Sounds like the Resin start job (Ant in this case, as per your mail)
> | should report back to Eclipse on finishing the job.
> So after a couple of minutes, this error message pops up in a window
> labeled "Problem Occurred" and the running and serving Resin is stopped,
> maybe because it hasn't reported startup success back to the parent
> process.
> I added -consoleLog to my eclipse.ini, but I have no idea where the log
> is going. If it is just the console window in the IDE, there is nothing
> special to see, just the usual Resin startup messages plus additional
> debug info my application generates.

Michael Ludwig

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