> The excerpt below should work and it will allow you to have all the 
> configuration in one file.
>>>> <server id="a" address="" port="6800">
>>>> <jvm-arg>-Dserver=A</jvm-arg>
>>>> </server>
>>>> <server id="b" address="" port="6801">
>>>> <jvm-arg>-Dserver=B</jvm-arg>
>>>> </server>
Thanks Alex.  My problem isn't with multiple servers on a single machine 
though.  I have multiple machines, each with one server, and a few of 
the machines need a different set of jvm-args.  I was trying to get by 
with one Resin configuration file where I could pass in a 
-Dconfiguration={something} and then resin:import 
path=".../${configuration}/*.xml" (not literally, I was using the 
fileset option of resin:import).  It's working great except the one 
little snafu of not being able to import jvm-arg settings.

I think I will just have to throw some resin:choose around the jvm-arg 


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