This works with 3.1.9 but careful as it does not work with 3.1.5, I 
think it was a new feature introduced later in 3.1 or a bug fixed. We 
had to go back to 3.1.5 due to JPA issues and had to change our scripts 

In our case, we use different Node.conf configuration files that import 
the common pieces from a set of files shared between all the nodes. If 
you share the whole configuration file, be aware that modifying it will 
"bump" all of your nodes.


Alex escribió:
>>> Aaron,
>>> Maybe I am missing something, but if you can pass in 
>>> -Dconfiguration=wherever to your individual machines (in your 
>>> /etc/init.d/resin script or wherever, I assume?), can't you pass in 
>>> your server specific JVM args there too?
>>> Rachel
>> Probably.  The configuration is passed in via an environment variable, 
>> but I could pass those in dynamically too if I have too.  If we set 
>> those from our resin script will the ResinWatchdogManager pass the same 
>> values to the actual Resin server, when it launches it?  
> Yes. The variable needs to be exported 
> !#/bin/bash
> export foo=foo-value
> bin/httpd.sh -server a start
> resin.conf file:
> <server id="a" address="127.1" port="6080">
> <jvm-arg>-Dbar=${Var["foo"]}</jvm-arg>
> </server>
> Alex
>> I wasn't sure, 
>> so I was just going by the example resin.conf file that comes with Resin 
>> 3.1.9.
>> Aaron

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