Alex wrote:
>> I've got this, which is a slightly different but equivalent technique that 
>> doesn't require the jvm-arg tag (applicable bits only, my startup script 
>> does other things too):
> Just for the benefit of understanding the use case: is this to support n 
> environments that are identical but serve two distinct purposes e.g.
> - development
> - testing
> - production
> where let's suppose 'testing' runs on a different set of servers and therefor 
> needs different bindings and jvm arguments?
> Alex
Yes, very close.  We have several servers, a couple are web servers, a 
few of them are file servers, we have a remote development system and we 
run locally.  Each of those "configurations" has a different set of 
memory constraints.  Development might have 2GB, local has 500MB, web 
servers have 4GB, file-servers 2GB, for example.

Each configuration has its own host.xml and those are loading great via 
resin:import-->fileset, but the jvm-args can't be pushed into those 
classes.  So I guess I just have to push them in via command line or use 
resin:choose in the main resin configuration file, I guess.


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