This page says that I can obfuscate a password in the resin.xml file, 
but doesn't appear to work.  It works in 3.0.23, but stopped working in 
3.1.x and 4.0.x.  We use this feature, not to protect the password on 
the server, but to make sure it isn't accidentally transmitted in 
clear-text by mistake when sharing our resin.xml files with consultants, 
via email, etc:

Here is the error I am getting.  I have tried in resin-pro-4.0.2,.4, and 
.5, and resin-pro-3.1.9:

/opt/server/conf/resin.xml:44: resin:type="com.encryption.Password" is 
an unexpected attribute in <password>.

42: <key-store-type>jks</key-store-type>
43: <key-store-file>/opt/sendthisfile/server/ssl.kdb</key-store-file>
44: <password resin:type="com.encryption.Password">abcdefg</password>
45: </jsse-ssl>
46: </http>

Any thoughts?



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