Still struggling with the issue where we cannot encrypt passwords in our resin.xml file. As you have indicated, there is now a better clue:

C:\opt\. . .\conf\admin.xml:41: unable to create attribute SetterAttribute[public void com.caucho.vfs.JsseSSLFactory.setPassword(java.lang.String)] for com.caucho.vfs.jssesslfact...@79f03d7 and QName[{}password]

39: <key-store-type>jks</key-store-type>
40: <key-store-file>/opt/. . ./keys.kdb</key-store-file>
41: <password xmlns:encryption="urn:java:com.encryption">
42: <encryption:Password>abcdf</encryption:Password>
43: </password>



On 3/22/2010 6:09 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
Aaron Freeman wrote:
Man, I don't see how I am blowing it then.  Does this look right:

<password xmlns:encryption="urn:java:[full package, not including the
<encryption:[class name]>abcdefg</encryption:[class name]>

Where the [full package, not including the class] would be something
like "java.util" and the class name would be something like "Hashmap"
with an uppercase first character like classes normally are capitalized?

If so, I am a bit baffled.

That looks fine. I'll have a snapshot in a day or two with the improved
error messages. That may give a better idea of the issue.

You could also try removing the whitespace around the
<encryption:Password>  (it shouldn't matter, but then again your example
should work.)

-- Scott

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