On 3/22/2010 2:29 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> Aaron Freeman wrote:
>> Ok, so I thought what you were saying is that this:
>> <password xmlns:encryption="urn:java:com.encryption">
>> <encryption:Password>abcdefg</encryption:password>
>> </password>
>> is a drop-in replacement for this:
>> <password resin:type="com.encryption.Password">abcdefg</password>
> Yes, it should be a direct replacement. (The internal implementation is
> a bit tricky, though.)
>> but apparently I think you are trying to tell me that we need to change
>> our Java source code somehow, based on getting this when trying to start
>> Resin:
>> /opt/server/conf/resin.xml:47: unable to create attribute
>> SetterAttribute[public void
>> com.caucho.vfs.JsseSSLFactory.setPassword(java.lang.String)] for
>> com.caucho.vfs.jssesslfact...@6779e6 and
>> QName[{http://caucho.com/ns/resin}password]
>> So is there a link that you can point me to in order to give me a clue
>> in what I need to do to modify our source to handle this new syntax?
> Let me check. I tested the replacement against<database>. I'll see why
> it's causing trouble with jsse.
Ok, here is the full http block I am using, in case its out of date for 
some reason (I am using the block directly from our working 3.0.23 
implementation verbatim, with your recommended tweak):

<http address="*" port="443">
<password xmlns:encryption="urn:java:com.encryption">

- Aaron

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