I've used Resin for 6 or 8 years now, ever since working at a company that used 

I use it for a lot of little personal projects and web sites, nothing very 
substantial. But there's a chance that something I did recently will grow, and 
I'm looking at how to use Resin with Rackspace virtual hosts.

I'm finding it hard to get through some of Caucho's concepts. How is a web 
server different from an app server? Is a web server the same as a load 
balancer? All my apps run completely self-contained on a single server, talking 
to a MySQL instance running on the same machine, using Hibernate and no special 

I'm having a hard time quickly learning how to move from that environment to 
the triad and elastic servers. Can I take the intermediate step of running just 
two servers?

How does load balancing work? I've only ever used a Big IP F5. Do I want to 
bother with Rackspace's load balancers?

Stuff like that. Is there a good introductory document (not just a set of 
slides)? So far, everything I've read assumes a certain level of knowledge.



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