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> Yes, all the servers will have the same configuration.

Okay, so, I can set one up with the config, make a snapshot of that machine, 
then bring up more instances from that snapshot. I'll have to figure out how to 
manage the IP addresses of the hosts that I bring up; might have to manually 
edit the config file after they're brought up. Similar question for elastic 

>> Also, how do I get them to talk to each other via private interfaces? Or 
>> does that happen magically with Rackspace?
> Ah. I wasn't explicit about that. (You're right about assumptions.)


> The IP addresses you put in app_servers and web_servers are *private* 
> addresses. You shouldn't put public addresses in the app_servers and 
> web_servers, if you have the option. If you have 1 machine, you should 
> use, otherwise use the private IP.
> I don't specifically know about Rackspace, but you might need to change 
> the firewall settings so each server is allowed to connect to 6800. 
> Amazon, for example, has a security group firewall, so only the servers 
> in the security group are allowed to see 6800. Outside servers can't get 
> to it. I'm sure Rackspace has something similar.

Yes, I remember dealing with that on EC2, I'll figure out what Rackspace does. 
I did find the two IPs, internal and external.

One thing that's becoming clear is what was listening on 6800 vs 80: 6800 is 
for internal communication among servers. Not sure if it's used in the 
single-server case, but I understand.

> When you start Resin with "start-all" (or the /etc/init.d script), Resin 
> will compare its own IP address with the configuration IP addresses in 
> app_servers and web_servers and start itself as the local address. (Does 
> that make sense?)

Yes, I think so.

After I make some dinner I'll try to go through your original email and get a 
couple servers running. The first server will be my load balancer, which will 
hit itself and the other server. MySQL can sit on the first server (although I 
imagine in that configuration, it might make sense for it to sit on the other 
server, since the first has the added burden of being the load balancer).

Thanks! I'm rather excited to try running multiple machines, and see how badly 
my code breaks.


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