On 11/8/12 7:39 PM, Rick Mann wrote:
> On Nov 8, 2012, at 19:28 , Scott Ferguson <f...@caucho.com> wrote:
>> Yes, all the servers will have the same configuration.
> Okay, so, I can set one up with the config, make a snapshot of that machine, 
> then bring up more instances from that snapshot. I'll have to figure out how 
> to manage the IP addresses of the hosts that I bring up; might have to 
> manually edit the config file after they're brought up.

If the IP addresses are random, like Amazon, Resin has a few tricks to 
help, but that's a complication that's not necessary if you can rely on 
an IP address.

> Similar question for elastic servers.

You do have to tweak the config for the first elastic server, but after 
that you can take a snapshot of the elastic server and just bring up 
lots of instances with the new snapshot without changing the configuration.

> Yes, I remember dealing with that on EC2, I'll figure out what 
> Rackspace does. I did find the two IPs, internal and external. One 
> thing that's becoming clear is what was listening on 6800 vs 80: 6800 
> is for internal communication among servers. Not sure if it's used in 
> the single-server case, but I understand. 


>> When you start Resin with "start-all" (or the /etc/init.d script), Resin
>> will compare its own IP address with the configuration IP addresses in
>> app_servers and web_servers and start itself as the local address. (Does
>> that make sense?)
> Yes, I think so.
> After I make some dinner I'll try to go through your original email and get a 
> couple servers running. The first server will be my load balancer, which will 
> hit itself and the other server. MySQL can sit on the first server (although 
> I imagine in that configuration, it might make sense for it to sit on the 
> other server, since the first has the added burden of being the load 
> balancer).
> Thanks! I'm rather excited to try running multiple machines, and see how 
> badly my code breaks.

Hopefully, it won't even notice :)

-- Scott


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