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> > >Is there any chance that a set of PC and Mac client installers can be made
>> >available that don't require passwords to install?
>Do you really want clients with no passwords?
>Seems to me that even if your site is isolated from the internet at some point
>something could break that would accidentally expose your computers 
>to the rest
>of the world. At that point, someone could find your Retrospect clients and
>back them up since there are no passwords.
>Just as worrisome is the fact that anyone with a copy of Retrospect could log
>into the computers and potentially cause problems.
>Even "dantz" or "retrospect" or something else totally lame would 
>prevent folks
>from logging in....

How about a copy of the installer that is "keyable"? Possibly by 
running a "keying" program against the installer, or maybe making the 
installer look for a plain text file that contains the "key". That 
way end users could install the client, it would be temporarily 
protected from caual network snooping and the administrator doesn't 
have to worry that the wrong password (or no password) was entered 
(either by the user or the admin).

Maybe if you go the text file route you could even fix it so I could 
preset the preferences, so when the client is installed its 
preferences are already set without either me or the user touching 
it. Just a suggestion. :)

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