> I agree that having an installer that has a keyable password would work
> nicely.  However at the moment having to enter a password is a real pain.
> We add/transfer 30 or so new machines a week so one wrong password can take
> hours to days to fix (it shouldn't but it does).
> And more to the point having or not having a password is really an internal
> issue.

I agree that having a password is an internal issue, but I think one of the
reasons Retrospect is appreciated by a lot of people (with a huge range of
skill levels) is that Retrospect's design incorporates thinking at several
different levels. We don't assume people always know what they're doing and
don't make mistakes. (One example: we won't overwrite a piece of media unless
it has the right name because that could lead to data loss even though we could
very easily blame it on user error.)

If we put out a client in this internet age that could be easily "hacked", we
could get someone in trouble inadvertently. Again, I'm not talking about you,
but our products are used by literally millions of users in one way or another.

Anyway, my $0.02, and as I said before -- we are looking into a solution that
would solve your issues as well as our general concerns.


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