I agree that having an installer that has a keyable password would work
nicely.  However at the moment having to enter a password is a real pain.
We add/transfer 30 or so new machines a week so one wrong password can take
hours to days to fix (it shouldn't but it does).  

And more to the point having or not having a password is really an internal

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> > > >Is there any chance that a set of PC and Mac client installers can be
> made
> >> >available that don't require passwords to install?
> >
> >
> >Do you really want clients with no passwords?
> >
> >Seems to me that even if your site is isolated from the internet at some
> point
> >something could break that would accidentally expose your computers 
> >to the rest
> >of the world. At that point, someone could find your Retrospect clients
> and
> >back them up since there are no passwords.
> >
> >Just as worrisome is the fact that anyone with a copy of Retrospect could
> log
> >into the computers and potentially cause problems.
> >
> >Even "dantz" or "retrospect" or something else totally lame would 
> >prevent folks
> >from logging in....
> How about a copy of the installer that is "keyable"? Possibly by 
> running a "keying" program against the installer, or maybe making the 
> installer look for a plain text file that contains the "key". That 
> way end users could install the client, it would be temporarily 
> protected from caual network snooping and the administrator doesn't 
> have to worry that the wrong password (or no password) was entered 
> (either by the user or the admin).
> Maybe if you go the text file route you could even fix it so I could 
> preset the preferences, so when the client is installed its 
> preferences are already set without either me or the user touching 
> it. Just a suggestion. :)
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