I'd be happy to just have new installers, that didn't require you to 
install one version (like 1.1 for Windows) and then update it (to 
v5), and allowed you to install the latest version in one step. I've 
used up all of my PC client numbers, but have quite a few Mac #'s 
left (that can be used with Windows v5 client). When you go to 
install the 1.1 Windows client, it won't accept the Mac numbers like 
v5 does, so you have to go through the stupid step of either 
deactivating another PC (and , or converting it to a Mac serial #, to 
"borrow" the number to activate the 1.1 client just so you can update 
it to v5. It's a big PITA. Maybe there's an easier way to do this, 
but I haven't found it yet.

Jim Coefield

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