Better yet, offer an "unattended install answer file", that would 
allow you to answer all the questions to the prompts that appear on 
the install.  The presence of said file would use it, otherwise the 
absence of said file would cause the prompt to appear.

The file would keep a single answer per line in the file in the order 
the prompts appear, or with parameter lines such as: 
"PASSWORD=mypassword" and "RESTART=yes".

Yes, I know, this is much like the M$ NT/2000 unattended installer 
scripting features, albeit, very handy.


At 7:59 AM -0700 1/18/00, Michael Gaines wrote:

>How about a copy of the installer that is "keyable"? Possibly by 
>running a "keying" program against the installer, or maybe making 
>the installer look for a plain text file that contains the "key". 
>That way end users could install the client, it would be temporarily 
>protected from caual network snooping and the administrator doesn't 
>have to worry that the wrong password (or no password) was entered 
>(either by the user or the admin).
>Maybe if you go the text file route you could even fix it so I could 
>preset the preferences, so when the client is installed its 
>preferences are already set without either me or the user touching 
>it. Just a suggestion. :)

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