on 2/26/00 8:40 AM, Daniel Knight at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Twice this year I've had to wipe a hard drive and start anew -- and both
> times it was the main partition on my own computer. Norton couldn't help.
> Disk Warrior threw up its hands in despair.
> Both times I booted from a partition with a System Folder and a copy of
> my Retrospect Client, restored, ran Norton to verify and optimize, and
> was up within 90 minutes. That's 1.7 GB restored, tested, and optimized.
> Very impressive.

The only caution I would add relates to my restore. System: PowerBook G3,
bronze keyboard, MacOS 9. I did the same steps, booted from a VST expansion
bay hard drive, ran my restore through Retro Client and ended up with a
horribly corrupt PowerBook internal hard drive. I had to reformat the drive,
hook the tape drive directly to the PowerBook, and restore directly. This
did work fine. I don't know if the problem was my network, OS 9, or
PowerBook related, and with 10 gig of data at risk, I didn't experiment.

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