>Just another ordinary day at the office. A user lost slightly upwards of
>1 GB of data off her hard drive due to catastrophically munged volume
>structures (this was a new one on me - below a certain level, everything
>that was in a folder disappeared; only 100 MB worth of bare files were left!)
>Fortunately her drive was backed up to tape last night, and the whole
>thing is being restored as I write this.
>Thanks Dantz!
RE: I have also seen this "Munged volume" problem with everything below a certain 
level missing. Problem is, Retrospect sees it also! That means that those "missing" 
items are not backed up.  We haven't found what is causing it. We are running ASIP 6.2 
on Mac OS 8.6 on a B/W G3.  That computer has a CD/RW ROM on it and a DLT.

Anyone else seeing this issue? 

This is a real issue as:

1) Friday we did a full backup.  All files were backed up.
2) Incrementals were done each day thereafter.

We crashed on the following Friday...The drive failed and had to be replaced.

I restored to our last snapshot (Thursday night). People then worked for two days 
before noticing that items were missing.  Upon checking it turned out that sometime 
during the week between the full backup on Friday and the snapshot on Thursday night 
the mysterious "missing files" occurred. Now it was a real pain. What I wanted to do 
is a restore from the full backup Friday, replacing corresponding files BUT NOT 
overwriting the files if the file already there was Newer.  This is NOT an option.  So 
I had to manually do this work. 

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