Hi Aaron,

on 2/25/2000 4:33 PM, Aaron Kopel at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I am wanting to back up FileMaker Pro 5 databases that are hosted on
> a WINNT machine. I was curious as to some other people's strategies.
> I am running into the "file open" problem. We are using retrospect 4.2

I note that you specifically use the term "hosted" instead of "served".
>From this I assume you are simply using FMP in "host" mode and not FMP
Server to serve your databases.

Even for a small workgroup, FMP Server is worth the investment.  One of the
nice features of FMP Server is that from a simple command procedure you can
tell FMP Server to pause, then xcopy the databases to another directory,
then tell FMP Server to resume.

Restrospect can then backup the "copy" instead of the open files.

I use the NT Scheduler to execute the script some period before Retrospect

If you are using WinNT Workstation instead of WinNT Server be a little
careful shutting down or restarting the machine.  From my experience WinNT
Workstation does not stop services correctly ... has the same impact as
having FMP Server crash.

Cheers,  Malcolm

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