>Having read some the replys, I'll throw my 2 cents in too.  I have
>noticed that if I've rebooted my backup machine, a good 50% of the time
>Retrospect will not launch by itself when scheduled.  When I first
>Owen Watson wrote:
> > Occasionally (often when I'm away) Retrospect (latest version) won't
> > start up automatically on my Mac. No lack of memory. When I do launch
> > Retro on these occasions it then happily does its scripts, but why is
> > the autolaunch so erratic?

Wow! I have seen this a few times but my rule of thumb *is* to reboot 
before going away! If I desperately want the backup to work, I will 
open Retrospect as well.

My guess has been that some programs are good at ruining a portion of 
the memory used by autolaunches. And Matthew Tevenan's suggestion 
about a damaged extension sounds plausible; it is helpful because it 
gives offers a very specific cure (that may not work though).

With a lot of macs at work I just learn live with these things. I see 
similar sorts of problem (I believe) with the failure of Remote 
Access Disconnect to disconnect (no problem if you open the main 
program), loss of network after using a couple of different Adobe 
program versions, and several other experiences that escape me for 
the moment. Exact troubleshooting is just not on with these type of 
problems that occur only after using many or certain combinations of 
programs. I know how it might be fixed. But who has time to do often 
the gruesome process of reinstalling the Mac system and a complex set 
of applications, then manually reset all the preferences (I routinely 
trash several preference files to solve some sorts of problems)? [I 
know what you are thinking but 'No', the Retro backup of the fresh 
machine won't have the newer application, and 5 different upgrades on 
it!] Sorry Owen, it's not much help.

Paul Fyfe (IT manager, Jesuit Publications, Melbourne Australia)

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