You will need a program from several different vendors that scheduled 
scripts are different of repeat intervals.  We are using "Script 
Scheduler".  It seems to be working quite well.


At 4:12 PM -0700 2/25/00, Jon Gardner wrote:
>on 2/25/2000 4:33 PM, Aaron Kopel at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>  I am wanting to back up FileMaker Pro 5 databases that are hosted on
>>  a WINNT machine. I was curious as to some other people's strategies.
>>  I am running into the "file open" problem. We are using retrospect 4.2
>Set up a server script in FileMaker Pro to backup the databases just before
>the Retrospect backup is supposed to happen. Retro will be able to read the
>backup files, since they won't be open.
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