Owen Watson wrote on 26/4/2000 8:45 pm:

> Occasionally (often when I'm away) Retrospect (latest version) won't
> start up automatically on my Mac. No lack of memory. When I do launch
> Retro on these occasions it then happily does its scripts, but why is
> the autolaunch so erratic?
> Yes, I do have it turned on. . .

I had this problem a little while ago, and I was running a screen saver
called BlackWatch. Nice screen saver, but while it was running, Retrospect
wouldn't autorun. As a result, I would arrive at the office in the morning,
move the mouse to deactivate the screen saver (to see if the backup worked),
and the script would start shortly after. Removing BlackWatch worked.

Programmer / MAX Multimedia / London

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