>What about using Netatalk to mount volumes on a Unix/Linux box for
>Retrospect to backup? Anyone doing this?

Unless I'm missing something obvious, the issue that keeps coming 
back to haunt Dantz :-) is that there is no client to run on the *nix 
box. Netatalk or not, Retrospect has no way to communicate directly 
with the *nix box because there is no client to accept the 
proprietary connection.

OTOH, you could in principle run an Applescript to mount the volume, 
copy over what you want to the Mac side, and then have that in a 
queue for Retro to back up. Alternatively, you could run a cron job 
in the *nix box that created a tarball of what you wanted backed up, 
and potentially ftp or otherwise transfer it to another Windoze/Mac 
machine that was being backed up by Retro.

This wouldn't be too efficient for large amounts of data, but it is 
what we plan to do initially with a LinuxPPC box we've added to the 

Until Dantz comes up with a *nix client, that is :-)

Stefan Jeglinski

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