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> The bottom line appears to be that something "extra" has to be installed
> either on the Unix/Linux machine or the Retrospect machine ... it would all
> be so much cleaner with a specific Retrospect client for Unix/Linux.

...although you're still adding something "extra" to the Unix/Linux machine
if you have to install a Retrospect client. The real advantages to a
Retrospect client vs. a mounted volume would be the ability to store file
permissions, access certain open files, and schedule backups from the client
side...non-trivial advantages, to be sure. I would guess that Dantz is at
least taking a long, hard look at Retrospect for Mac OS X, which in effect
means that they're looking at Retrospect for UNIX. Let's all hope so, but in
the meantime I'll be using SAMBA and DAVE to backup my UNIX boxes if needed.

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