Hello, Eric Zylstra ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). On 4.5.2000 22:21 you

>Retrospect will cause ASIP to choke when it tries backing up files
>with corrupt resources.  If you find any such files with corrupt
>resources, try to repair them with ResEdit and/or trash them.  The
>crashes aren't always triggered immediately, either.  It can take a
>number of minutes after the backup completes.

This is EXACTLY my experience. However, I hope Dantz will come out with a
solution for this - we have file servers with 100'000+ files on them and
I just simply can't stand this coming in the morning and finding a server
freezed after the night backup for just a &%*! file sporting a corrupt
resfork, nor can I spend my whole day looking for corrupt files on our

-- R. Sabau

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