At 9:46 AM -0800 1/12/01, Glenn L. Austin wrote:
>  > At 19:34 2001-01-11 -0800, you wrote:
>>>  I need to check to be sure, but I believe both are HFS +.
>>>  The powerbook is running Retrospect, and backing itself up
>>>  onto a firewire drive.
>>>  --
>>  The 2 gb limit is damn annoying but you have to get used to it. The limit
>>  is the mac os itself, not retrospect.
>Well, that's not entirely true -- the other night I captured 54 minutes of
>video at 340x240x16, and the resulting file is almost 15Gb in size, so files
>bigger than 2Gb are entirely possible.

It depends entirely on what OS you're using.

OS9 and higher supports file sizes larger than 2GB. 8.6 and lower do not.

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