dana,  If you are not absolutley sure that the firewire drive is HFS+ I would
double check it.  (do a get info on the drive)  look for Mac OS Extended. - D

Shawn Welter wrote:

Mac os 9 supported files over 2gb. To use retrospect you need version
4.3. I currently back up 40 mac clients and 10 pc clients to 60gb IDE
drives using mac files. Some backup sets are 12gb apiece. We do
massive selecting as all are software is installed by filewave. Each
client averages about 100mb of data. Our servers are backed up using
a separate machine to a DLT changer.


>  > At 19:34 2001-01-11 -0800, you wrote:
>>>  I need to check to be sure, but I believe both are HFS +.
>>>  The powerbook is running Retrospect, and backing itself up
>>>  onto a firewire drive.
>>>  --
>>  The 2 gb limit is damn annoying but you have to get used to it. The limit
>>  is the mac os itself, not retrospect.
>Well, that's not entirely true -- the other night I captured 54 minutes of
>video at 340x240x16, and the resulting file is almost 15Gb in size, so files
>bigger than 2Gb are entirely possible.

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