Title: Re: 2gb limit?
I need to check to be sure, but I believe both are HFS +.  The powerbook is running Retrospect, and backing itself up onto a firewire drive.
Dana Rasmussen
Seattle, Wa

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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 10:18:51 -0600
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Subject: Re: 2gb limit?

dana, there are several issues related to the 2 gig limit Mac File issue.
first, the HD that has the back up set has to be in HFS+ format. Second,
I would ask, how/what is your client doing the back up.  is the powerbook
a back up host that is backing up a mounted volume?  or, is the powerbook
running retro and backing up itself to the firewire HD?  ASIP has a 2 gig limit
also though I doubt you are running ASIP on the powerbook :-)

dana rasmussen wrote:
I have a customer with an interesting problem. On his G-4 tower, he is
backing up to a firewire hard drive.  The file is currently about 4.5 gb.
When he tried to do the same thing with his firewire powerbook, same system
(9.04), same ver. of Retrospect 4.3, same brand of drive, 25gb VST.
Retrospect refuses to run citing the 2gb file limit.  Is there something I
am missing here?
Dana Rasmussen
Seattle, Wa

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