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skrev Glenn L. Austin:

>Apple has noted that "Save memory and sleep mode" doesn't work correctly,
>and can corrupt your hard disk.

Yes, I know, but i thought that it only was the automatically 'Save 
and sleep' that suffered from this problem. The reason for this is 
that this feature is disabled in the Energy Saver CP but not in the 
Finder when you download the updater Energy Saver updater from Apple.

>Since the G4s apparently draw so little power when in "real sleep" mode,
>you'll probably want to simply set up the machine to go to sleep, but make
>sure that you have "Load only when needed" unchecked in the TCP/IP control
>panel, so that the TCP/IP stack won't be unloaded when the machine is put to

It's not because of a energy saving reasons we want to put this 
computer to sleep, it's because it's so noisy:-( Therefore, I repeat 
my question, how to generate 'administrative network activity'? The 
network assistant has a function 'Wake up computer' but it doesn't 
work. What is 'administrative network activity'?

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