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>> However, because the machine is off (not asleep), nothing that you target to
>> the computer will "wake it up," because it is not really asleep, it is
>> *off*.
> I can wake it up by pressing any key o the keyboard so it's not off
> like when you choose Special -> Shutdown since when it's shut down
> you have to press the power button to turn it on. Furthermore, it's
> called sleep in the Energy Saver CP...

I would be relatively easy for Apple to install something to respond to any
key rather than just the power key on the keyboard.  Unlike ADB, USB has no
special "reset line" that the power key can signal.

Just because it is called "sleep" in the ESCP, doesn't mean that it really
is sleep.  My Windows laptop uses "Suspend" to mean "save memory and power
down."  The easiest way to tell if it is truly sleeping or is powered off is
to look at the power button on the front of the G4.  If it is "throbbing,"
it is asleep.  If it is not on, power to the machine is off.

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